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Farm Equipment Renting Marketplace

RAVGO Agriculture Renting app

Ravgo.com offers technology solutions for agriculture and construction industry. It is a marketplace for latest farming equipment and construction machinery. We want to make renting of equipment and machinery accessible and affordable.

We aim to bring modern technology to small farmers who cannot afford the ownership of expensive farming machinery. Small and marginal land holding constitutes 80% of total land holdings in India. Small and marginal land holdings force farmers to use age old technologies. Because of these factors their income remains low and they suffer from poverty. RAVGO is pay for use platform for farmers where they can avail the benefits of farm mechanization.

It is bringing transparency and standardization to the agri-machine renting industry by bringing latest technology and best practice. Our objective is to enhance the productivity and reduce cost for these farmers through farm mechanization. Through RAVGO farmers can access superior farming technology at affordable costs without the hassle of ownership. For construction industry, RAVGO offers hiring of construction equipment to enhance productivity and affordability.

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